New b6 owner


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All I can say is what a car I used to have a b5 1.8t a few years ago when I joined the forum and moved onto mk4 gt tdi golfs and a couple of other cars for a while but now I'm back and a proud owner of a Audi b6 2.5 v6 sport 130bhp model all I can say is I love it :) and hello


Will design for mods
Welcome! I too traded up from a 1.8T B5, and 5 years later I still love it.


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Are you on any pulsar forums? My mate has a crazy one.


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I'm on the gtir us forum

tein coilovers
apexi fuel controller
tubular manifold
3 inch turbo elbow and down pipe
de cat
mongoose exhaust
frount mounted intercooler
top mounted oil cooler
stage 3 hybrid t28 turbo
blitz turbo timer
strut braces
cusco catch can
alloy radiator
arb poly bushes
Front mount intercooler hard pipe kit also
hks dump valve

Thats about it

audi is standard :)


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I'm not sure what username my mate uses but he's got a blue one and it's pretty mental.