New B6 Owner A4 1.8T S-Line (190)

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Sep 9, 2010
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Coventry / Uxbridge
Hi all,

Just got my new A4 1.8T

Currently the car is completely standard. What would be the best to do in regarding to upgrades. Done a few checks on here people saying to keep the standard filter in as a aftermarket performance filters ruin the MAF???

Also thinking of doing the RS4 ARB

plus could you tell in what a Diverter Valve does? what is so good or the Forge 007P?
Unless you're going for a big boost set up the OEM DV is fine, in fact all the Forge DV offers is reliability as the OEM DV's are prone to failing, but only cost £25ish. I've had Compbrake, Smart, & 007's DV's on various stage 1 VAG 1.8T's, & actually prefer the OEM DV.
Personally I'd say the biggest bang for bucks improvement is a good remap, Revo, Shark, etc. Uprated RARB is worthwhile too.
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Like Paul above has said less ur going for big boost the OEM DV is fine,so is the air filter. I would go with a remap as it makes a big difference. The RS4 RARB is worth doing,remember you only need to change the rear one not the front. Lowering springs and b5 perches also worth thinking about.
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Depending on what your after there are quite a few things you can do.

Sports CAT
upgraded suspension (various options)
bigger turbo (K04-15 straight swap)

lot's of thing can be done if cosmetics is your game
Carbon trim
RS4 interior (straight swap with some minor work on the loom for the seats)
S4 door blades
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