New AWE SwitchPath exhaust - claimed power gains???


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Apr 6, 2016
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I see that AWE Tuning have launched a new exhaust system for the FL car called SwitchPath. I was listening to the video of their demo on their website and scrolled down to the dyno chart section. In the description of how their new product works I noticed they claim some interesting peak/max power gains of up to 45hp and 40lbs/ft - this is a big gain and immediately got my attention.

However, take a closer look at the dyno chart in their marketing blurb. The stock RS3 power curve they have shown looks suspiciously like the plot you get when the exhaust flaps are disconnected and the ECU pulls power over 5k rpm (power drops and the plot line drops away instead of continuing to climb as per normal power run). This would make the gains for their product look way bigger than they actually are?

So have AWE done some some comparison tests but not realised the stock car was not running right?

IMG 3666

This is a recent dyno chart showing a FL RS3 with disconnected exhaust flaps without clearing the ECU code (it was my car, which is the RED plot line), and my friends FL RS3. Both cars were stock with around 3k miles on the clock and on the dyno within 10 mins of each other.
You can clearly see the power loss in the red plot line (the top right hand side of the chart) which looks remarkably similar to the stock power run in the AWE dyno chart.
Note: the plot lines at the lower part of the chart is the air fuel ratio (AFR)
IMG 3473