NEW Audi RS5 Review! Amazing car!


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I’m in love with new beast. The new Audi RS5 is from a different ��


- Great Engine and power, tons of torque from very low RPM 1900, very linear power and almost no lag
- amazing interior and material used from CF, Alcantara and NAPPA, super well build quality
- Exterior is really modern and futuristic, the Matrix HL are so sweet and pretty, lovely lines and Car is wide man!


-Exhaust too quiet and becuz the build quality and isolation is so good u can hear it much
-gearbox is very smooth (Tiptronic 8 Speed Auto) can get a bit boring keep switching gears and not very aggressive changes, flap paddles are made from plastic and are short could be super hard to reach and annoying at times.

This car makes the M4 looks from a different age, and I was not expecting to get so impressed with it! the M4 is still more aggressive and RAW

For full review check my video on YouTube —-> link below


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Congrats mate! which color combo u went for?

Nothing special. Mythos black with matt aluminium. To me that's the classiest combination, and I'd rather spend money on stuff that makes a difference. So I went for Matrix headlights/dynamic indicators, sound & comfort pack, and full memory seats/mirrors. Oh, and the multi-coloured LED illuminated cup holders. How could anyone resist ticking that box?


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I've just bought an RS5 after an M3, an M4 Competition Pack and an SQ5. Simply put - I love it. It's the best all rounder I've had in 10 years and as well as the above, that period covered a couple of 3.4 Boxster S's a 911 Carrera S and a 997 GT3.
It's just a great daily driver, comfortable and quiet until you stick it in dynamic mode on a twisting "B" road and then it's one of the fastest A to B machines available. Certainly faster than an M4 even with the Competition Pack - possibly because the chassis isn't deflected by the bumps like the M4 and the four wheel drive gives you the ability to get fully on the throttle and so much earlier ....

Anyway - I think mine has quite a nice spec. Black with the black pack, sports exhaust, silver 20's, red stitching, comfort and sound pack, privacy glass, head up display, interior led pack, matrix led lights, red brake calipers, auto dimming and folding mirrors, Audi Phone Box and Side Assist.


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