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New Audi owner, have I bought a lemon?

Nikymann92 Sep 10, 2018


Fix it or ditch it?

  1. Fix

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  2. Ditch

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  1. Nikymann92

    Nikymann92 New Member

    Help!! Recently bought an Audi A4 2.0 tdi s line 170bhp o6 plate fairly cheap and been reading and hearing some pretty bad reviews on them, I've gave it a full service, changed various sensors and resealed the rocker cover gasket to stop a small leak, I think sealing the leak has repressurised the engine and now there is a flood of oil ******* out the back of the engine, been told it's a possible cam shaft seal.........my question is do I dig deep and work through it or should I not bother putting anymore money into it ????

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