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New Audi Diesel engines

h5djr Jul 19, 2007

  1. h5djr

    h5djr Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Gold Supporter Audi A3 quattro

    I have just noticed this information released by Audi Media Services in connection with their new range of Diesel engines.

    "With its latest generation of TDI engines, Audi is now out to prove that this high-tech drive unit still has high potential and a guaranteed future: thanks to the optimised combustion process and the inclusion of an ultra-low emission system, these models comply with the BIN 5 emissions requirements in the US as well as meeting the toughest standards expected to come into force in Europe for the foreseeable future.

    Audi is kicking off its consistent TDI strategy for 2008 with the three-litre V6 units in the Audi A4 and Audi Q7. Developing 176 kW (240 bhp) and a supreme peak torque of 500 Nm in the Audi A4 and 550 Nm in the Audi Q7, they boast the sublime dynamism combined with relatively low fuel consumption that is the hallmark of any Audi. Additional models will follow in rapid succession, with Audi seeking to extend the new technology to other vehicle classes and power categories by 2010."

    For the full articule use this LINK
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  3. emzino

    emzino Active Member

    This is the only reason (well not really but one of) that i'm not selling my TDI and getting a 2.0TFSI. The fact that Audi will further advance it's TDI line.
    Thing is, i'm wondering if they will also improve there (T)FSI units so it will be even more economical at petrol performance. Already we have had previous threads with 2.0TFSI's pushing out upto 40mpg!
  4. steve184

    steve184 Active Member

    yeh pushing out 40mpg when driven like a granny - thing is with a TDI (well 140 at least) you can hammer it all day and get nearly 40 - try that with the petrol! your looking at sub 25!
  5. José

    José Member

    Same old discussion... Nobody buys a TFSI to make good mpg, although in my opinion, the S3 for instance, can do good mpg if you want to, considering the power output. That is good enough for me, a car that can achieve reasonable mpg when driven more smoothly.

    You can always say it's not good enough, but there's no point in making good revs, slow accelerations, economy buy a diesel, smile in your face, less money to drink and smoke, buy a good petrol engine:)

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