New Audi A7 owner - advice needed please


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Hi all, just moved up from an Audi A5 to the beautiful A7.
Its packed with almost every extra but the one i really wanted (lane assist) the last owner didnt tick lol
Is it possible to retrofit this?
Also looking to remap this. Had an apr map on the A5 which worked well. Have any of you guys experienced with anything different or recommend something different?
Another thing im really interested in is the active exhaust sound as found on the bi tdi's.
Has anyone done a retrofit of this or know where i can look to get this done.
One last thing is it possible to fit a cooy rs style grill whilst keeping the camera for night vision. £1400 for a genuine grill is alot of money imo.
Thanks in advance for any info guys.


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Hi Taz1, and welcome to the A7 :racer:

This corner of the forum is very quiet - so most of us keep an eye on whats going on in the A6 C7 section, as they both the A6 & A7 share a common platform/drivetrain etc.

You don't mention what engine model/year you have, which will influence mod choices.

The RS grills can be retrofitted to the A7 with some modification. If you have a pre-facelift model there are loads to choose from on FleaBay. If you have the latest facelift model, there is nothing on the retrofit market, and your only option - for now at least is OEM - There are a few German sites that sell OEM versions, those can work out cheaper depending on exchange rates etc. My fave are these guys -

Lane assist only came with the Tech Pack which is quite an expensive option. Anything can be retrofitted, if you have the cash to spend LoL.
I have lane assist, but tbh I rarely use it. ACC I use all the time.

On the remap front there are plenty of offerings. Ive not put one on mine as there is the potential warranty issue if its detected.

Enjoy the new car:nogarors4:


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There is definitely an option for the active exhaust but pretty pricey. Can't remember exactly but think it was about £1300.


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Just seen the Kufatec retrofit. £1600 including the Kufatec sound booster.


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The active sound exhaust system is being sold by Huntingdon Audi on their eBay store for £1433 (not including fitting).

eBay item: 272040948904

The price put me off going down that route for now.


A7 Quattro
Just new here too.
I got an APR map done on mines as i had a superchip on my A5.
My car was the Quattro 245 version & had 260 from start so 15 better off the mark.
Stage 1 with K&N filter got me 315bhp 630nm.
Hope this helps and money well spents.
Pulls good
Long and hard but very smooth.
A5 & A7 are so different.
****** huge. :tearsofjoy: