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New A7 is amazing

Audileb Sep 26, 2018

  1. Audileb

    Audileb New Member

    I went to test drive the new Audi A7, i had it for 19 hours and I felt in love with it from the first time!

    - The car exterior is aggressive, the new hood and lights and side profile is more sporty and mean
    - Interior is best in class and new infotainment system is a real step up! sometimes the 2 screens could be a distraction from the road and driving but i think we could get used on that.
    - Performance, engine is smooth and lag is not so obvious, the power could be a bit better especially for such a big and heavy car, the torque is strong and in low RPM you could feel it instantly and will push u back in your seat.
    - S tronic 7 gears are best so far and really fast in upshifiting and downshifting, they really improve it over the other cars.
    - sound is no existent but its no fake noise or artificial coming though the speakers, I wish the exhaust was better

    Ultimately this is best Audi in terms of Tech and comfort, I really like the car, I will give it 4/5

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