New A6 owner with a key problem

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Dec 30, 2017
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So yesterday I finally joined the Audi club (my first one) traded my e92 330d in for a 2010 3.0tdi Quattro special edition. But I came to use the spare key that was with the car but it doesn’t unlock it the red led on the key flashes when the button is pressed but doesn’t unlock so I tried to code the key using the methods on YouTube ect but when it comes to the step where you lock the vehicle manually using the spare key it just turns in the barrel dosent lock or unlock it manuals. The key also doesn’t start the car it doesn’t even turn the ignition lights on as if it’s the wrong key completely anyone have any ideas ? (The primary key works perfectly it locks unlocks remotely and manually and fires the car up)
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It looks like you might have a different key, in deed.
Open blades from both of them and compare serials and frequency. If anything don’t match, heres your answer.

Just in case, previous owner changed key fob shell and transmitter frequency with serial do match, I would recommend you to take them to car key specialist, regardless.
They can read and compare both of the keys for you. If any of them wrong, they should reprogram and match them up.

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Thanks for the info I’m guessing the serial number on the key is the long number on the inside of the key if so they do differ from each other. I’ll contact the garage I brought the car from in case they have messed up and put the wrong keys together if they have they can find them or sort it out.