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New a6 flat bottom steering wheel fit

ShoaibA6 Jul 9, 2018

  1. ShoaibA6

    ShoaibA6 New Member

    Hi all

    So I’ve just brought my Audi A6 se 2012. It’s been fully upgraded externally with genuine s line bumpers etc so looks like an s line.
    However - I really wish to upgrade the steering wheel from the 4spoke to Flat bottom steering wheel. I had it in my precious cars and I certainly wish to have it in this.
    My friend has a flat bottom wheel removed from Audi A3. The controls look the same but I need to know if it will fit my a6. And if the airbag is plug and play and will the steering controls work. Below are pictures of my steering and the one I’ve got and the airbag connections. I really wish to have one but i don’t want to be spending over the odds for one so if this one fits, I’m over the moon.
    Please help ;)

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  3. Devilz

    Devilz Active Member Team Moonlight Team V6 VCDS Map User Audi A6 quattro S-line owners group

    If you have airbag with flat bottom, I don't see any reason why it won't fit.
  4. ShoaibA6

    ShoaibA6 New Member

    That’s what I thought but I’ve been told the connections are different. Was hoping someone here has done this before
  5. Rhyso

    Rhyso Well-Known Member

    It’s a 5 minute job to remove the steering wheel and take a look
  6. 5102 IA

    5102 IA Member

    I did the retro fit using an S5 FBW and airbag. Whilst the S5 airbag/controls harness plugs in to the column, Not all the steering wheel functions worked.
    I had to check the pin-outs between the S5 connector end and airbag/ controls and the A6 connector end and airbag/ controls - IIRC there were two maybe three pins that needed swapping over at the S5 yellow connector to mirror the A6 and make it work. Biggest challenge was getting the pins in and out; there's a slider on the yellow connector that needs pulling out the side before you can use a map pin to compress the pin barbs and pull them out.
  7. ShoaibA6

    ShoaibA6 New Member

    Feels like it’s too much hassle as I won’t be able to do that myself - I think I need to find someone local and fit it
  8. BahnStormer77

    BahnStormer77 BahnStormer

    check with HazzyDayz on retrofitting it - they'll tell you how much work it is and if you'll need any parts... they're ex-VAG/Audi sparkies and even retrofitted a brand new R8 wheel to my old A4 (B6 gen!)... they gave a great description on the mistakes people make when converting dual stage airbags into a car with single stage sensors - but that shouldn't be a problem for you. Then you can choose to get them to fit it or at least have a better idea of how much work it'll be and what it'll require :)

    Here's a link to the upgrade that they do: https://www.hazzydayz.com/genuine-a...unction-steering-wheel-supply--fit-4350-p.asp

    But ignore the price as most of that will be the cost of the wheel (that was >£800 when I did it to mine in 2007, but back then the R8 was the only donor car for FBMFSW's... so mine was new, direct from Audi!

    I ended up getting mine hooked up with EVERYTHING - including the microphone for voice controlled RNS-E satnav, all the dials and buttons, DIS controls, etc...

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    Last edited: Jul 16, 2018 at 10:49 AM

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