New a6 avant owner with problems...


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I recently bought a 2004 Audi A6 Avant 1.9tdi SE pd130 now it was a high miler so i got a little carried away with parts buying but now im at a crossroads as to what to do with a really bad boost leak, I bought a front mount and a 2.5" pipe kit to fix it up my self as i was planning a full upgrade of turbo, exhaust and remap but due to the car becoming pandoras box i cant and now i am left with the task of trying to find a replacement intercooler that wont lose me power. i am aware that the side mount is well capable of handling up to 200bhp which is fine with me.

Are the A4 kits usable on the A6 at al and if not is there anybody other than Darkside that do its because the cost of their kits in a little high to say the least. so if i can save some money for the new DMF ill be happy lol.

I have bought a full coilover kit and control arm kit and brakes front and back so if there is any advice that can be shed on fitting these items that would be great.

Also can the bulbs be replaced in the high level light.

I have purchased some Carlube triple R 5-30 engine oil is this ok with the PD engine as i know they are a little funny with what oil they take.

Can the EGR delete be done without needing a remap or is this something i need to do before i remap it.

I ave fitted some new rear LED lights to it and all bulbs work and no fault code is coming up yet the car now beeps from the dash and is flashing the bulb out sign at me.

Is there any hardpipe kits to replace the crap plastic boost pipe over the engine?

Think thats it lol

Oh i swapped from a 2002 BMW 318ci sport and i have to say the car is far more luxurious and so much smoother considering it has a cement mixer under the bonnet lol.