New A6 - 6 days away - owners manual online


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I pick up my new A6 S Line Ultra next Monday - now have the reg' No' and VIN - is there anyway online in 'myaudi' that I can access an online owners manual? Going round in circles trying to locate anything. I can find the Audi connect manual no problem.

Would like to know a little about the controls etc before I take the long drive home from Crawley to Yorkshire.




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I tried searching for one a couple of weeks ago with no success.


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I have found a way, involving the USA Audi website (obviously the USA model owners manual is displayed). Can PM the way to do it.



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Not sure if it works for the A6 but for A4 there is an owners literature tab under the my services section of my audi. It has the full manual and the quick start guide. I managed to get my audi setup and accessed the manual once the dealer sent me the VIN. Like you I wanted a quick look before I picked it up

Enjoy the new car.


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Thank you - now sorted, i am grateful.

Hate to wish my life away - but roll on Monday


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Hope collection has gone well? Look forward to some pics!!

Thanks - just got back after spending 5 1/2 hours driving it back from Crawley to Leeds. Loads of traffic holdups - yet the car averaged just less than 65 mpg.

I am absolutely blown away with it, glad I I went for the Tech Pack - despite Audi trying to talk me out of it, as they had no cars in stock in the colour with the spec.

Someone posted a day or so ago about Audi Crawley and a positive experience they had with them. I cant complain in any way either, top service. Pics to follow


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already filthy after 270 miles - sorry


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