New A6 2.0 Ultra Black-Edition


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So, on January 9th I took delivery of my brand new A6 2.0 Ultra Black Ed'.

On January 15th my neighbour reversed in to it :-( not much damage thankfully, it's off to the body shop tomorrow courtesy of "Sytner Drive" (which i still think sounds a little too-good-to-be-true). Anyway... That's a different matter.

Does anyone else with one of these and an iPhone 5, find the process of playing music from the phone via the MMI (cabled) infuriatingly temperamental?

I like to select "Tracks > All" and then set it to shuffle (mix). Most of the time this works fine, but sometimes (too frequently!) it gives up shuffling and reverts to the top of the list playing all of my tracks in alphabetical order and ignores me disabling and enabling "mix" and/or skipping to the next track until I disconnect and reconnect the phone.

It sometimes does the same if I skip back to a previous track.

Other times it won't recognise any music on my phone.

Sometimes it won't recognise certain tracks (it can randomly be any of them) on my phone (despite playing them on another day before/after).

Sometimes it'll play the track but not display the album cover. Other times it's fine.

Sometimes it plays a completely different track to the one displayed.

Finally, occasionally I might decide that I want to listen to a particular artist and/or album and with something in the region of 5,000 tracks on my phone, it's massively inconvenient to have to scroll and scroll and scroll to find the one I want... There must surely be a shortcut but I can find nothing in the instructions. E.g. In my last car (Volvo) if I wanted to listen to say, "Kings Of Leon", I'd be able to start typing "K... I... N..." Etc and get to it in no time

It's driving me mental, the user interface in this respect is pants and ruining my experience of a car that I otherwise love - honestly if I'd have experienced this on the test drive when I had one for a day it would have put me off it.

Any thoughts/suggestions?


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How annoying, brings back memories of my C6 Avant when at 6 weeks it got damaged while in the hands of an airport valet parking company who clearly hoped I would drive off without noticing. Hope it is all fixed quickly.

I don't have a FL car but on my pre-FL the AMI can sometimes prove temperamental. Since you got the car have you done a full restart of the Apple device whilst connected, this seems to sort out many of the issues that exist. On my pre-FL car if rate the MMI control quickly when in either the AMI section or in Contacts it goes into a mode that allows you to skip through the entries in blocks making it quicker to find what you are looking for


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I've had to restart the iPhone numerous times since I got the car, but only when it (the car) has refused to recognise some or all of the music on the phone and disconnecting & reconnecting the phone hasn't worked.

Turning the dial faster does indeed allow me to scroll in "chunks" - thank you! Though even that seems temperamental as I couldn't get it to work every time - I do think it's strange though that a circa £12k cheaper and circa 18mth older Volvo has a far more intuitive user-interface.