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New A5 Sportback - USB SDD question

Bluetyler Oct 18, 2017

  1. Bluetyler

    Bluetyler Registered User

    Hello all,

    First post, and it’s a request for help. I took delivery of my new A5 Sportback one month ago and loving the car.

    I'm currently using an external HDD to play music via one of the USB ports in the armrest, formatted FAT32, working perfectly as it did in my A6. However, the drive itself is not a perfect fit and one side is raised up due to the phone box.

    Decided to buy a smaller drive and opted for a SDD due to the smaller size. Formatted the drive to FAT32 loaded the same music files on but the when I try to access the drive its shows as unreadable on the system? Read the manual and it states this format is supported as is NTFS, reformatted to NTFS , same problem, unreadable. The old HDD drive still reads without any problems. Is there an issue with SSD drives? Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. Buck

    Buck Registered User

    I just use an SD card so no direct experience in the A5

    It might be power requirements of the SAD compared to the HDD? I couldn’t see this being an issue but some SSDs need a second usb to power them.

    Have you tried it on a laptop or other device?
  4. sparky86

    sparky86 Registered User

    Most likely as buck said the ssd is more likely drawing more power than the single USB port can provide

    And if I can remember one change from my17 to my18 was to move one of the two USB ports from the armrest to under the Center console so that will be a pain

    I use this in my s5 with FLAC formatted audio and it works a treat

    Integral Fusion 128 GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

    28 pounds from amazon

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  5. Bluetyler

    Bluetyler Registered User

    Thanks for responding guys.

    The drive seems to work fine on my desktop and laptop (on battery). But I guess its just not readable by the USB input on the car, it could be the power as you both say. Pity, its a nice small unit and at 500GB has plenty of capacity for most of my collection. I had a look at the
    Integral Fusion 128 GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive, looks a neat little stick. I see SanDisk do a 256gb flash drive ,bit more expesnive but still cheaper that the SSD option even if I buy 2. Tempted.

    I must admit the tech on the car has a plethroa of options to play media, very impressed, also nice to see FLAC support.
  6. Liddo

    Liddo S5 Sportback Lease

    Turn the stereo off and listen to the engine! Its sounds WELL better than any of the **** music out there today ;)
  7. orcomma

    orcomma Registered User

    The USB ports provide 800 milliamps each - you could try a "Y" cable into both ports (one will only take power)

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