New A5 Regret / Advice?


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Car is £38k bud, although i think i can probably barter a little more. Audi are charging £39/40k for similar spec.

I'm due for a chat with Audi tomorrow in the showroom as they have a VIP event on which is why this has even happened in the first place, the other option is to go for a TFSI Quattro 250 version instead of what i've got now but it's still silly money currently and only £20 difference per month compared to the S5 as there is more contribution on the S5.

I thought about extending the warranty for a further year on the S5, is that even possible? I'd 100% be getting rid 3 years in even if it was VTed.


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Ah OK. Seems a little high to me seeing as this 3month old one with the same options is around £41k. Perhaps £37k is closer to a fairer price then? Worth sticking the reg into WBAC and seeing what it would trade as. Work out if the options + the dealer mark up is reasonable.

Nah dont bother with the A5 Quattro. Depreciation will offset the negligible fuel cost savings (nothing in it between the old S5 and 2.0TFSI quattro). Insurance costs might be worth looking at though? It's different if you are buying outright with cash, as the S5 obviously has a higher list price, so could just be out of budget. But this isn't really the case for when finance is involved...

Yea you can extend the warranty with Audi as the car is approaching its third year. Probably around £700/800 at a guess.
You're looking at about 40months before VT is an option I think. Not 100% sure without all the details though.

Again, try not get too focused on just the monthly amount. Look at each aspect and search around and see if they are good. Are you getting the S5 for a good price compared to the market? Are the finance terms reasonable (APR, GFV) and are you getting a good price for your A5 as P/X. Then look at them combined and decide if, on balance, it's a good deal.

That's what I would be looking at anyway.
Best of luck with it :)


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Benj did you get sorted?

Can I ask which dealer offered the £8k discount and the additional £2.5k from Audi?
Better than my deal so my change!


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I didn't, I went down and the deal they offered was about £550 a month, wasn't specced how i wanted it either, they had one exactly how i wanted it but it was coming out at about £600 per month when I currently pay £400

With the added fuel and insurance costs would have been about £250/300 extra out per month, couldn't justify that. Shame but the other option was another A5 specced up, however they didn't want to entertain throwing in such a good discount, we'll see when the 18 plate comes out if that's still the same stance though as they'll be keen to get them out the door.


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Seems like you kind of already know what to do but the desire of just having the s5 is taking over. pretty big hit on a car that's not 100% the spec you wanted, tail end of your budget and no warranty. I personally think chopping in on a PCP so soon is madness and makes no sense, you're basically just paying the interest on the car to begin with before the actual price plus depreciation as soon as you drive away so you'll be in negative equity right from the go. Factor in insurance increase, fuel, services, tyres, MOT's and any work needed while already pushing your budget. I needed the window motors replaced on my old a5...Quoted £500 so any work needed wont be cheap.

I feel your pain, I boughtn s3 saloon because I don't like the hatch or sportback, would have bought an rs3 saloon if they were out without question and now there's one out iwant to chop it in but it just makes no sense at all. Im 2 and a half years into my pcp and still in negative equity.


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Oh no defo not, I was only ever going to do it if it worked out right for me. I'd love an S5 but don't want to pay silly money. It would have to be perfect, which is why I ultimately didn't go ahead currently :)