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Good Afternoon.

I have been a registered member for some time, but have only now purchased a car, which gives me a reason to be an active member on here.

Im sure people have seen the car on here before, so hopefully there wont be too many surprises, but i would welcome any feedback/thoughts that you have. All work seems to have been done by Topgear Motorsport in Stockport, and you can tell that alot of passion and hard work has gone into this, Im sure they are forum sponsors on here, so hope they will be glad that its gone to a good home.

In partnership with my mate, we have owned a couple of Pug 205 Gti's, then a Skoda VRS Octavia, which we part chopped for this Audi. We enjoy the track days, and have always longed after more power. The Gti's were perfect in teaching us how to "drive" and we have loved every minute of it.

So far, the Audi ticks all the right boxes


We have already had a problem with the Oil breather pipe, ( sump to the turbo) which spewed oil everywhere last night, but hope this is a simple fix.

Apart from that everything else looks ok, engine bay is immaculate and definitly alot of work has gone into it.

We are from the Seat Fold, so have experience in Ko3/Ko4 Turbos, so will be interesting getting to know the KKK Turbo, and what possible upgrades there are. We are led to beleive, that this had a Subaru turbo on, and the original turbo was put back on prior to sale.


Look forward to discussing the car with you all.


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:sign_welcome: to the B5 club lol.

IIRC, that was Craig @ TopGear in Stockport's car (AKA billybravo on here)?


Dude, what's mine say ?

That is one shiney manifold you have there!