New A4 Ordered


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Hi All

I used to hang around here a bit a while ago reading various topics when I had a 3.2 v6 A3. That was sold 3/4 years ago and just been driving company cars since.

Currently got a VW CC GT, which is a great car, but have just ordered a new A4 SE Technik 177ps in white. As a result, thought I would introduce my self. As it's a company car I won't be able to modify it in any way really although I am trying to think of things that I could get away with so any thoughts are welcome.

Expecting delivery mid July. Pics are of one currently at a dealer but mine should be exactly the same.





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Thanks Sandra. SE technik without any options (not allowed them due to car policy!). It comes with pretty much everything I would want (leather, sat Nav, parking sensors, MMI, AMI etc), except heated seats which I will miss.


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Sounds good Mike. So now the countdown begins, lol. Its all part of the new car experience. Look forward to hearing all aBout it when you take delivery. Im sure i will see you around the forum. :) x


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Welcome to the B8 club mate! I'm sure you will enjoy! You have all the main toys spec'd! 😎


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Thanks mate, can't wait to take delivery!

Had an F30 320d Sport on a short term lease last year and on paper this isn't as quick, although power is similar. I expect on the road there isn't too much difference in real world performance though.