New 8L S3 Owner!


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Hey everyone!

I've recently bought a S3 for winter runabout whilst my BM is garaged as I thought it would be stupid to use to a RWD convertible in winter however I have a couple of issues with this vehicle.

The problems I am having are for example

Number 1: If i drive around with the heaters off completely, the temperature gauge would sit at 90oc with no issues but the moment I turn the heaters on, they would drop almost to 0 on the temp gauge. -Fault coolant sensor? or anything common?

Number 2: Just today bearing in mind the temperature being around +3 or could be less, I've currently being experiencing some starting problems. I would turn the key to start but its like its hesitating and finally when it does start the revs would rise above 1k then go back down. Now I don't know if this relates to number 1 however sometimes even when driving around for ages, and i turn the engine off for 5minutes then turn back on, its like the engines rpm rises above 1k like its a cold start?. I was thinking this maybe MAF related however I am not sure if it is or if its just because of the cold temperature we are currently experiencing. I did disconnect the maf and I thought it shouldn't start without the MAF however it did which is why I'm thinking its most likely using the MAFs last default reading? I know MAFs are like sensors and can get dirty, however is there anyway I can clean it or what is the cost of a replacement.

Lastly back in August, I had a 2002 Audi TT 225 cab which I heard Audi was doing the coilpack recall- is this still on?

Its a 2001 '51' AMK S3.

Any help/comments would be grateful

Thanks in advance

P.S what are the most common performance mods? I remember seeing n249 delete or something like that ages ago when I had my TT lol. Just wanted it to be running a little more HP.

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First thing you should do is change your coolant temp sensor easiest job in the world and a waste of money having someone do it for you. The coolant temp sensor can make your car feel like a right pig if its dead!
If no change then it will be the thermostat again its an easy job but a bit more involved and can be a pain! Neither are big jobs and you should expect change from £100 from a decent independent garage.

I would get those two done and go from there mate


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s3Hoggy- Cheers mate will have a go on Monday. I was thinking it maybe the MAF as it took the mick starting however temp sensor and thermostat will be done asap. Thanks


struggling to start could be fuel pump, turn ignition on, wait 10 secs, turn off, turn ignition on, wait 10 secs, then start, does it fire up easier ? if not it could just be the sparks
normal to idle above 1k for a while, it's just an electronic type of choke


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And when it's healthy, get it mapped :cool: but the coolant temp sensor can make it start iffy too. I'd change that first.


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If your buying a coolant temp sensor make sure you buy original parts from the dealers or tps as you will only end up replacing it in a couple of months time again. Cheap ones are not the best I had three before going to buy nd original one waisted a load of money


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SORTEDD!!! ended up buying one from audi and its sorted! Can't believe this one little temperature sensor had such an effect on the performance of the vehicle. It now boosts well and that's is with me using V-Power since day 1 so I can comment saying since the sensor change, it runs even better.

Car is going in on monday for coilpack recall and have ordered oil pickup pipe to do the weekend after including oil change, filter, plugs etc.