New 8000K Xenon bulbs VS Old factory 4300K (with pics)


They called him mellow yellow.
Ok I mentioned in a previous post I'd got a set of £15 8000k xenon bulbs off ebay to replace the old factory 4300K ones in my facelift 8L S3, With the old ones the n/s had went orange & I didn't fancy the £100(ish) they cost each from Audi so thats why I've ended up with the cheap ones. I did a seach & found its a D2S type xenon that was needed so I searched the bay & found the bulbs but was then confronted with the coice of colours rated by there numbers which seem to range from 3000K upto 15000k so I did a good old Google images search & came up with frist pic bellow & went for the 8000k based on that, now TBH I didn't look into the Uk legality of it I just wanted bulbs with a decent blue tinge that wouldn't get me pulled over by the fuzz all the time. I've added my before & after pics bellow & so far I'm happy with both the colour & quality of the bulbs.








The last pic is of my Iced Blue non LED side light bulbs from halfrauds that I fitted a while back so are in on the before & afters, also when I was doing the xenons I chucked in a pair of genuine BMW silver vision style indicator bulbs to remove the orage look form the front lenses, all in all I'm pretty happy with results.



after going from my original pre facelift xenons to the facelift non xenons i have found the need to upgrade to hid's my halogen bulbs atm are terrible in dark night conditions only really noticed it as the night light is now much darker, driving my missus arosa the other day and her lights are brighter, so ordered a set of hid's today hope i can see the road again now haha


They called him mellow yellow.
Do you have a link to the bulbs you bought from ebay? and are they just a simple take out put in job just like any other bulb?

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Thats the bulbs I got there, There quite easy to change but a we bit difficult to get at & you've got to be carefull with the connectors as there very high voltage, If your unsure best get a garage to do it for you as the charge will be minimal. As for the foglight type of bulb I don't know off the top of my head tbh.

Cheers Ewan.

S3 Harj

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Nice job mate!

HOw did you change your side lights?

I've manged to do something to one of them when i changed my xenon bulbs 2 days ago. The drivers side sidelight isn't working and seems more difficult to get to than the xenon bulb.


Defo worth the wait :)
Nice one dude, I know I said in a previous that the *k may be too much, but they actually do look really good...

Well done :)


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I love my 8k's!

I dont when theyve been fitted to a saxo. Without projectors the light just bleeds everywhere bar the road. Blinding other road users in the process.

Oh and to anyone without HID's allready its a legal requirement to have headlight washers when using HID's.


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I thinnk 8000k would not work as well as the 4300k for dark and wet nights, I have fitted 6000K since 2 years now & works very good in all conditions.