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New 2013 A3 Saloon?? 1.8 TFSI

j0nny2013 Apr 19, 2013

  1. j0nny2013

    j0nny2013 Active Member

    Hi Everyone,

    Currently driving an A1 Sline 1.6TDI.

    Really fancy the new A3 Saloon S Line that is due to be released. I am wanting to go back to Petrol and hopefully the 1.8 TFSI.

    If it's going to have the same spec's as the A3 SB then I'm guessing it wont come in Manual which I'm abit gutted about but the S-Tronic does seem fun also.

    Loads of mixed reviews on the S-Tronic - Whats your views?

    I'm also in mixed minds with what options to get , really like the lighting option, privacy glass, B&O sound system, 19" Alloys etc.

    What would you suggest for definite extras?

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