New 2012 A3 1.8 TFSI owner! Help please


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Hey everyone!
My wife and I recently moved to Germany and fell in love with the A3. We searched for a while and after doing some research on the engines of the 8p we decided to pull the trigger on our first Audi. 2012 A3 1.8TFSI S-Line (sportback) with 189k km (120 ish k miles) for 6800 euro.

we are super excited. Myquestion is, the service records seem to be pretty consistent at Audi dealerships... however I’d like to dig up any additional info I can on the car before we go pick it up, such as options from factory, damage, services and recalls. Would you all be able to help?

thank you all so much if you can. Also, any pointers? Maintenance? Things to look for? Things to have checked out? Do/Donts? Oil/gasoline preferences?

Car is completely stock and drives/sounds smooth.



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Audi will give you a print of the car spec aswell as services, by Audi, also recall data.

Damage, accidents if claimed, registered should be on you etc.

I always advise scan the car for errors.