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New 2010 A6 2.0 TDI owner

Gowr Apr 1, 2020

  1. Gowr

    Gowr Registered User

    Dear all

    After running a Passat TDI 130 Sport for last 11 years, I have recently returned to the Audi club after purchasing a 2010 A6 S-Line SE 2.0TDI with 155K. Before the Passat, I had an Audi 80 1.9TDI that was built like a tank.

    Anyway, I have a few questions regarding my new purchase that I would be more than happy to receive your help with:
    1) The screen wash jets are misaligned and shooting screenwash everywhere else but onto the screen. Can you advise how to adjust? The garage I purchased from just MOTd the car, -I would have thought this would be a failure?!

    2) A search on the Audi website revealed the car was involved in dieselgate. unfortunately the car was recalled and the work done to fudge the NOx emissions. Therefore, do you recommend having the firmware fix 'rolled back' to 2010? If so, what approximate costs am I likely to face?

    3) Can you recommend garage in the Yorkshire area where the rollback can be performed?

    4) Can I expect and increase in MPG's and performance if the car is rolled back?

    5) What is your typical MPG for 70mph cruising? I am achieving 45mpg at best.

    6) Do you recommend having a performance upgrade such as tuning box or ECU reprogrammed?

    7) I have a 2TB external USB hard drive. Where can I connect this, and will it display the tracks from the hard drive on the MMI?

    Many thanks

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  3. JohnnieWalker

    JohnnieWalker Registered User

    Hi, I recently purchased a high mileage A6 S Line too, close to 160k miles on the clock.

    I must admit I was ( still am ) concerned about any issues due to the high mileage, I did have the Multitronic fluid changed after reading horror stories about the CVT transmissions!

    I can only get 42mpg no matter how carefully I drive on the motorway, which I admit I'm a bit disappointed with.

    Other than that I can't really help you I'm afraid.

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