new 2.0tdi CR 140 thoughts????


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i've just been on a test drive in a new (7miles on the clock) black edition 2.0tdi common rail 140bhp and it feels fantastic. Such a nice car, shame about the price, around £21k!!!!

Just abit puzzled because it feels the exact same performance as my 2.0tdi 140bh with a remap but not common rail :scared2:

is the new CR engine really that much better performance than the old 140 engines? OR is my car lacking somewhere?

my thoughts are mine is loosing power somewhere but i have no idea where

i kno somebody who has a 2008 ibis white 2.0 tdi 140 CR and i had always thought it was a 170 because compared to mine it was rapid

so my question basically is

-are the new 140 CR engines just a hell of alot better than the older 140bhp ??


- does it sound like my car is loosing power somewhere??




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I currently have a 2.0TDI-170 and recently test drove both a new common-rail 140 and a common-rail 170. I personally preferred the 140 as it seemed to have a little more torque available at lower speeds and would take roundabouts and corners in 4th which required 3rd in the 170. This may be due to the fact that one of the main difference between the two engines is they have different size turbos.

The new 140 felt as lively as my current 170 but seemed smoother and was noticeable quieter.

Because they were so much alike and the 140 gives better fuel consumption I decided to order a new Sportback with the 140.


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After driving my new A3 2.0tdi for a few weeks now it dosn't feel as quick as my old pd1.9tdi remapped ibiza but I think thats because of the big surge of torque in a small car. There are certain roads where I knew what speeds I could get up to in the ibiza between two points and the A3 is just as quick.

They are alot smoother and the torque curve is much broder. The new cr engine pulls right through to the redline where as the pd seem to be more peaky. The fuel consumption is already excellent ( between 46 -48) even with only 500 miles on the clock as good as the Ibiza.