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Needle sweep

syncro Oct 26, 2018

  1. syncro

    syncro Active Member

    Does anyone have needle sweep on their S3 cluster? I’ve been looking on ‘mk4 golf cluster mods’ Facebook group and it’s a very popular mod at the moment, also they can make the led sweep. It seems they use vag eeprom to edit the eprom and there is also a “patch” mentioned to make needle sweep work

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  3. IanPG

    IanPG Well-Known Member Silver Supporter Team Nogaro Blue Audi S3

    Nope not possible - from what i can see and put together in my head is that there is more "space" on the Golf EEPROMs

    A lot of extra coding is inserted for needle sweep (plus other functions) and there physically isn't enough "empty space" in our S3 EEPROM for this code to fit


    Sad but true
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