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Oct 14, 2009
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Can anyone tell me how you remove the boot door card as I have found 2 hex screws which I have removed and don't seem to see or feel any others and I am a bit scared just to try and pull it as knowing my luck I will have missed something out and will break something.
The other thing is I have bought a led strip for the boot light and was needing some advice on how to replace this as I thought it would just be a straight forward swap over but it doesn't look like it to me or again am I missing something out new to trying to do things to my car 57 plate S3 , thank in advance
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20170424 115327
i am hoping you can make out these pics as they are done in 2 parts from left to right as this is what I would like to remove cheers
20170424 134741
20170424 134917
20170424 134929
20170424 134934
20170424 134741 20170424 134917 20170424 134929 20170424 134934
You can get very very bright SMD LED bulbs that fit perfectly in those lamp lenses as I've fitted them in all my footwells and door puddle lights.
You don't need those big LED circuit board things with long leads at all.
The ones I bought on eBay don't seem to have a working link anymore or I'd have posted the link, but if you look hard enough on eBay you can find others of a similar size.
Mine are incredibly bright and cost £4 for 2 IIRC.

These are very similar to the ones I bought;

Don't let the fact that not all the LEDs face the front deter you, they are incredibly bright and work superbly in my car.
Fitting those big LEDs on boards is really looking for work IMHO........
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I did by the way try some China LED's but they stopped working so I did the more "official" retrofit.

I too bought those A5 units but they wouldn't work for more than about 5 seconds on my car without cutting out and throwing an error message.
I didn't like the idea of fitting a resistor cable to get them to work so fitted Canbus festoon bulbs instead in the existing A3 bulb holders.
TBH I think the LED festoon bulb option is brighter as those A5 units only have 2 rather small LED units in them.
The A5 lenses look fantastic (as they should be, being Genuine parts) but the light output isn't as good IMO as fitting festoon LED bulbs.
Perhaps I'm just lucky, but I haven't had to replace any of my (Chinese) interior LEDs yet, and they've been in there now for about 9 months......
I bought the boot LED originally from eBay too and they blinked and cut out. Then got the LED from T8ups and so far so good. The other thing is the colour of the LEDs supplied by @t8ups is close to 5000K, which is the OEM colour. The ones form eBay usually are 6000K and tends to have a blueish hue.

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I followed your pics to the letter and got everything in the cover but once plugged in nothing happened so I took it out tried again and still nothing happened . I noticed in your pics that the white tail end was away from where the connection piece is to the car when you tried it then I noticed you had folded it away within the cover which again I did but still no joy eventually I ended up breaking a bit off the metal so now U S and wonder if you sell the enclosures if so can you let me know the price thanks trial and error I guess20170424 204645 20170425 110947 20170425 113224

You are wedging the bulb in incorrectly, the White cap replicates a 501 halogen bulb that came out so have to go back in there hence why the bulb did not work as they would not of been making contact.

I will reply to the email you sent me.


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