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my dad has a 2014 audi s4 and he is wanting to know where is best to get it remapped, he has seen various mappers such as revo mrc and some others but he is swaying more towards the mrc with pulley upgrade, we are just wanting to know if any of you guys have any experience with the mrc remap or any others, any suggestions are welcome just wanting to know what's best for these cars pro and cons cheers guys
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I have stage 1+ Revo remap and Dsg map. Car is very quick and has so much torque, do it!


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I don't have an S4 but I've heard lots of great things from others about MRC and seen them featured a lot in Performance Audi mag. I'd go for it


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MRC is a long way from Geordie Land!
I can recommend Unicorn at Stockport, Great map/good power and better value for money.
Unicorn is a dyno facility, not a workshop.
He does his own maps, if you want a pulley upgrade suggest you fit pulley first before taking the car.


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@jdp1962 might be able to offer some advice
Thanks for the shout-out, @Nilz, but sadly I've no experience of re-mapping an S4. Mine is a CREC-engined model, which have only recently been cracked for mapping, plus it's still under warranty. That said, the company that has cracked the CREC engine is our very own forum sponsor, Unicorn, who I see has already had an honourable mention in this thread. Why not start a conversation with @Rick @ Unicorn Motor Dev. ?


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The CREC engine was first used in production in May 2014, so it is possible that the OP's car has it. If so there are currently only 3 UK tuners I am aware of who offer remaps of the SIMOS 16 ECU. These are MRC, Unicorn and Celtic.