Needing a VCDS user in the kent medway area


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Hi there
Needing a favour from somone with a full VCDS system as require to calibrate my new longtudinal sensor to stop the ABS & traction light coming on.
I'm based in the rainham area of kent of course willing to pay for service

Many thanks in advance



Hi myke, I have an Audi A3 8p 2006, I retrofitted a rns-e mark1 from a symphony 2 using appropriate harness last year all was ok and didn't have to code it, I have now fitted a oem bluetooth module but I think it needs coding. The rns-e recognises the module but I cannot connect my phone to it, not sure weather I need to turn on the Bluetooth using vag com. Is this somthing you could do.

Cheers tristan


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I got an Audi A3 8P 2010, in which I have retrofitted the Cruise control, but I need to programme it into the ECM and Steering ECU.
Can anyone in the Medway area help me?
I just need someone with VCDS, as I already know the code to programme.
Many thanks
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