Need Wheel Advice


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I just purchased a 2019 RS5 Sportback and live in the Chicago area. It's a daily driver and winters can be harsh. I have been using separate summer and winter tires and wheels for about 30 years on Porsches, Mercedes and other Audis.

I could not find a separate set of wheels when the RS5 arrived, so I put winter tires on the oem forged wheels and plan to get a separate set of summer wheels. So I am looking for advice on the summer wheels.

Bad roads and pot holes can be an issue here year-round. Durability is important but it is not the only consideration. For the summer, I am trying to decide between another set of Audi forged wheels, BBS Forged,or BBS Flow Formed Wheels. I'm open to other brands, but definitely NOT open to cast wheels. I have had enough bad experience with them around here, and would never buy another set.

I'm looking for anyone with first hand experience, good or bad, that can compare oem forged, bbs forged, and/or bbs flow formed wheels (or other brands) in terms of their ability to survive less than ideal roads with 275/30R20 tires.