Need to find an uprated clutch for Audi A6 C5


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Apr 3, 2011
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I had my 1.9tdi Sport remapped from 130bhp up to 160bhp and i think it's about time to replace the clutch as it's started slipping recently. The replacement clutch kits that are listed for my model all state they are for a 130bhp - obviously. I was wondering if anybody could recommend a clutch kit that would be better suited to install to accomodate the higher bhp the car now runs at, or would this not be possible?

I've been looking up parts on eurocarparts and have come across a clutch kit that is for a 2003 2.5l Audi A6, would anybody who knows a bit more about this be able to advise me please if this would fit?
Here is the link to the part i should be using Clutch 1 and here is a link to the clutch i was hoping i could use Clutch 2
As far as i can tell the diameter is the same on both of them but i'm not sure what other measurements would need to be the same for it to be doable.


The v6 tdi clutch won't fit as the clutch disc has a sprung hub, the 1.9 Tdi has a fixed hub for less rolling mass hence they are transmitting all the stress to the flywheel... Your best bet is getting a Sachs SRE clutch with a upgraded pressure plate...not cheap about £500 !
Thanks for the information i will look into it.



After your advice i emailed Sachs about a suitable product. They emailed me this reply:

"Dear John,

thanks for your inquiry for a Sachs Race Engineering (SRE) performance clutch.

Unfortunately, Sachs Performance don´t offer any reinforced clutches for your
Audi A6 1.9 TDI / 130hp. After all, I can´t offer you anything. I´m very sorry.

If you´ve any questions, don´t hesitate to contact us.

Best regards from Hamburg/Germany,

Bodo Schuermann

TTNET - Sachs Performance Parts"

Is there anything else i could try?

Kind regards

Don't be tempted to go with a sintered clutch disc if the car is to be used in town as that wont slip and you'll stall the engine more often + its not smooth. Sachs are generally very conservative with their Nm ratings so if they say 15% increase it's more than 30-50% increase as they allow a safety margin wich no other clutch manufacturer does. If you have a spare grand in your pocket they even do a sports kit with single mass flywheel wich feels as good as the stock clutch with minimal chatter at iddle. Tdi's love heavy flywheels.

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