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Nov 6, 2012
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as i'm hearing alot of good things, i'm hoping you can help me out,

i have and A4 2.0tdi 170,
but i have a judder/misfire under full trottle, other then that can runs fine, and can be taken all through the rev range fine, its only under full throttle it judders/misfires

i've had the car remapped and Dpf delete already, but following this problem the bloke who done it cant find the problem (problem occured a few weeks after the remap and dpf delete)

also i've fitted the Egr ristricting gasket and cleane out the all the crap around the egr/inlet valve,

car has had new injectors, fitted around 5000miles ago, i've changed fuel/air filters, checked for boost leaks over and over again, checked all the little air pipes going to and from the turbo actuator, i've only checked the inlet side of the turbo but all was fine (no damage and no play)

when looking for any fault codes or and issues shown on the computer nothing seems wrong, been up and down the motorway a few hours with VCDS on to see if it would show anything but all is fine,

so i've had the remap removed by the place that did it, but the car is still the same, the only thing apprently that was different is on standard settings (no remap) its boosting at 1.6 bar, and apprently thats slightly over what standard should be (so i was told)

the only other thing that i could tell you that might help is when they did the Dpf delete/remove as far as i know they drilled through the dpf to match the bore of the exhaust? some other places are saying they shouldnt of done that, but i have no idea what needs to be done to the Dpf following a remap,

anyways if you think you can help or can sort it out with hopefully a more reliable remap i would be more then happy to book my baby in,

hope to hear from you, josh
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