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Need some advice please

BhamGuy Nov 3, 2019

  1. BhamGuy

    BhamGuy New Member

    Good Morning

    I am planning to buy an Audi A3. There is one at the audi dealership its 66 plate, mileage is 26k. Its up for £15.5k. When I put the car in whatcar valuation it said the car is worth £15.143. I asked them if they can take the price down abit or even take 15k cash and they said no. There is another car which is a quattro 16 plate mileage is 33k 2 owners. that's going for 16k and the valuation on that car is £16570.

    which one do you think I should go for please? can I please have some advice?
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  3. PaulWhitt82

    PaulWhitt82 Active Member

    need to undestand spec and engines etc to help

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