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​looking @ buying this Audi A3 2.0fsi, as a non runner and d dealer wrote something like engine turns over on the key but will not start, it also spins over quickly and appears to have no compression. they went ahead to say we suspect a calm belt/ chain issue and oil/coolant levels are correct. so was wondering if any one can help me with an insight of what to except and how much it will cost to fix the problem.
the car is selling for 1600 and shows 112k miles on it and also an 03 plate...the car looks tidy and body work in impressive condition... ​


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Im not 100% on it but wouldnt a stuffed cam follower and subsequent intake cam damage/failure cause this?
Take the HPFP off and check to see of the cam follower has a hole in it. 10-15min job tops