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Need opinions on a used purchase pls...

Scamps Sep 3, 2010

  1. Scamps

    Scamps Member

    I'm looking at a car tomorrow and I wanted some opinions on the following.

    It's an 3 year old, 1 owner diesel Clio 3 (to replace my other halfs petrol Clio 3 which has ran well for 2 years) that has done 6,000 miles. It's from a family dealership, comes with 3 months warranty but has no stamps in the service book due to it's mileage. I would have had it looked at every 12 months if it was mine, even if the cars inbuilt service indicator says there is no need.

    Everthing else seems fine, but I'm worried about a) Only proof of mileage is it's first MOT done 4 months ago b) if the mileage is genuine, should I be worried that it's only averaged 2,000 mile a year??

    Sounds like infrequent/short runs, so should I be concerned about the engine.....:huh:

    Not sure if I'm worrying over nothing, so any help put these concerns to rest is appreciated..

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