need help!!


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Hi folks,
to keep long story short
i bought audi a3 8p model and speedo(actual speed)needle doesn work eerything seems to be ok apart from once i start car gauges only go active in 3 seconds or what i mean let say ive half a tank of fuel and once i start car rev or temperature and fuel needles are at 0 then within few secs they move to 800rmp and whatver fuel i have.but its not an issue my major concern is speedo

i bought second hand speedo cluster out of 8p 2010 car (mines 04) and put it went on (safe) do i knew something wrong i took it out and put my old started ok but circle orange light with triangle inside(rpm gauge) went on and red power steering light came on.ive no power steering.

is there anything i can do and how can its be done??
just bought 12.12 vcds and lead so its in post now

was it even worth it?can its be done at home??
how can i get (other speedo working) out of diferent car work with my ecu??thanks


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helpfull as always

To be honest your original post isn't written very well,

circle orange light with triangle inside

As just one example.

I still don't get exactly what you're saying in the original post but from what I can make out the lights on the dash and lack of power steering will be because by swapping the dash you'll have lost the basic abs settings, these can be reset with vcds.

The word 'Safe' appearing is because the instrument cluster isn't coded to your car and your immobilizer is therefore cutting in, vcds won't help you with this. You'll need a dealership or independent who can code immobilizers to code your new cluster in.