need help urgently, what do i do?


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Oct 19, 2006
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hello everyone,

need help urgently please, so any help would be great.

i have just lowered my Audi A3 1.8 year 1999 and it is level all round about an inch from the tyre, the bad thing is i had spacers on the rear before i lowered the car and now they poke out a few mm and i have just noticed under the arch the paint has chipped.worn away, now the arch is only thin on the rear of the a3's and i dont want it rusting, has anyone got any ideas on what i should do, as this is urgent. need help please people.

thank you


Can you see it from the outside? If not a then just get some underseal from a motor factors. If it is visible then touch up then flat down.

(don't panic too much as the body is galvanised so you won't wake up tomorrow to a pile of rust rather than a car)
ok thanks for your help mate, really appreciate it, i will get it sorted tonight, how long does it take for it to rust then? roughly?

no you can not see it from the outside unless you look under the arch, it is about 3 inches long under the arch and is chipped away to the metal, so do you recomend primer touch up paint then the main colour?

cheers for your help bud.
You're talking weeks or months to rust, not days. Just make sure things are clean and dry before you paint over.

If you are putting undeseal on then you don't need primer.

If you are using touchup paint then read the instructions on the bottle.