need help guys


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ive got a 2 probs with my 1.8T

1. the car idles fine and also drives ok but as soon as i hit just over 0.6 bar of boost the engine is really slugish like its farting as it tries to make more boost the prob gets worst like a missfire but i dont think it is.

2.also while im here i replaced my coolant sensor last month the 4pin black one but my gauge only seems to work when it wants to. is the gauge on a diffrent sensor. there is a blue sensor with 2 pins next to the black 4 pin one could this be it



Also i dont have any codes coming up on vag

help please


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Squishy inlet pipe collapsing under boost?


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i had the same problem. is it fine if you dont put your foot down and let it build up? does it just happen when you floor it or even just a bit? mine done this like i was kangarooing the car lol and it ended up it was the N75 valve. could be this?


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ok ive ordered a new set ngk bk6e's which i will set at 0.28 gap and im going to be getting a new maf tomorrow from eurocarparts or gfs parts lets hope all this does the trick