Need advice on delivery delay


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Hi Everyone,

I'm new here, so hello first :)
I need advise on the following matter, I made a factory order, in april, for A7 black edition with bells and whittles, (my 1st new car ever).
I got from the dealer an estimated delivery date at 4th of July, 10 weeks wait. I called the dealer 2 days ago, as no news, to know if the car was being built and would be on time etc. The guy tells me that they don't when the car is gonna be built as the factory still haven't give a date and that the black edition and the vorsprung model are not available for order anymore and indeed not available in the configurator but still advertised on the website tho.
What surprises me is that the dealer say they can't contact the factory to know what the F is going on, which I found odd. is that true ?
They tried to accommodate with replacement already in the UK but none are suitable.
Anyone have any advice on what to do ? For now I said to them that I will wait until the expiration time due to contract hen most likely cancel.



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There are shortages of chips and semiconductors that are delaying near enough all manufacturers and car builds. Doesn't help you but might be what the delay is.


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Hi there, thanks for everyone input, so confirmed by the dealership chip shortage and target was end of the year... For the A7 it impact the electric seats and the Audi phone box.
I've canceled the order completely finally, as 2022 model will come out and they don't know when it will get better.
Also, as a feedback for the community, avoid Audi Milton Keynes if you can, in my problem I dealt with 5 different persons where some times I got no information or no callback, if I didn't chased 7 times over email and phone calls, I would not know that the car was delayed, that the chip shortage was the problem and would still wait for them to call... while there is some helpful people, which offered alternatives (less specs and stuff) once the car is sold you're just another line on the book and forget management.
Anyway, now I need to think what is going to be the next step.