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Need a re con KO4.....suggestions?

Paulglasper Apr 3, 2014

  1. Paulglasper

    Paulglasper New Member

    Recently been up to badger 5 for stage 2 and it seems my turbo is very tired could not hold boost higher up the revs. And advice on where to get a recon turbo from? Their is a company on eBay (precision turbos) that sells genuine recons for £350. Anyone heard any reviews good or bad.
    any advice is welcome.

    would love to got hybrid but with the total cost of all other bits needed I will be happy with stage 2.....for now
  2. epox

    epox Active Member

    check the site for beachbuggy iam sure he does turbos, could be wrong though.

  3. quattrokid

    quattrokid Active Member

    I recommend the Turbo Unit,

    Ben is very knowledgeable and did mine for me

    From google:

    The Turbo Unit Limited

    Unit 52 Mill lane
    B78 3QD

    Tel: +44 (0) 1827 283208
    Mob: 07442495993
    E-mail: theturbounit@hotmail.co.uk

    The only Turbo Centre in the UK that Removes & Reconditions TurboChargers On Site

    Turbo Reconditioning Services
    We specialise in turbochargers, whether you need a brand new turbo charger or turbo reconditioning, our engineers have both the expertise and the facilities to resolve your problem. If your turbo charger is beyond repair we can offer a reconditioned turbo unit as an affordable alternative to a brand new turbocharger. We can also re-seal your existing turbo for £80. We offer up to 24 month warranty.

    Our professional team will carry out the necessary turbo reconditioning and repairs at our own premises in Tamworth, providing an immediate service at competitive prices. The Turbo Unit aim to offer a 24 hour turnaround service, where parts are in stock or available for immediate delivery. Our qualified staff has experience in working on all makes and model of vehicles.

    Please feel free to contact our us at any time with your questions.

    Find us on Google+
    We supply and recondition Garrett, Holset, IHI, Mitsubishi and Borgwarner Turbo Chargers

    We are open 6 days a week

    The Turbo Unit ltd
    Looking for a quote?
    Contact us now for a free quotation
    About Us
    Learn more about The Turbo Unit
    The Turbo Unit Limited
    Unit 52 Mill Lane
    B78 3QD

    Company Reg No: 7795979
  4. CMcKenzie

    CMcKenzie It's supposed to do that..

    I don't think Dan at BBT is doing any at the minute due to a massive work load. I saw on Facebook his site is down as well.

    Copied from a post of his on FB:
    Beach Buggy Turbos I hope in due course to have the them back on sale... Plan is I think to only sell 1 or 2 versions to keep things simple and easier to supply.. Making lots of different versions i making it a logistical nightmare.. Standardise units, will mean I can probably have them on the shelf rather than made to order... I'm discussing a few options with people and hopefully have more details soon..

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