Need a new clutch..can't decide between ....


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Sachs Performance clutch plate/disc & DMF About £650 ish incl new DMF - with GB on VAGOC
Sachs Uprated SMF system £900 from FR & R tuning
Or Southbend Stage 2 Daily. £900ish from JBS

The car is not really a daily driver anymore and won't be for a good while, but I have yet to experience any SMF system to see what the harshness is like, can anyone comment?
Also heard some people having problems doing fast shifts with the Sachs SMF at high revs?

The Southbends get very good reviews on US forums, has anyone on here tried one?

As for the car will probably fit an Autotech & GIAC map for that, so will probably be around 300lb ft torque at the flywheel maybe, but do a fair bit of hard driving and have been to Crail , so the Clutch will get some abuse!


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Personally Sachs Clutch and DMF with the Vagoc GB


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I Have recently had the Sachs race clutch and SMF installed on my A3. Tbh I absloutely love it. It does sound Diesel'ish in idle but it does rev much more freely and really feels alot more responsive.

For me there is no contest, and its not to heavy on the leg!


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I really want a SMF I know the engine will rev so much faster you said, which will help acceleration without adding power...but think the price in the VAGOC GB is too appealling! Can't wait to get it (and an autotech) on so I can drive the car properly again,


As far from JBS as possible !
If you buy a clutch from JBS it will have no warranty. Mind you if you buy anything from JBS it doesn`t seem to have any warranty either come to think of it....