Need a little bit of Technical Help!


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Hi :)

I have had my Audi I mean I have had my baby now for a year and few things wrong and a couple of things would like advice on!

1 Whilst freewheelin the revs will not settle below 1000 rpm! until i stop then the revs drop! I am lead to believe this is the mass air flow sensor????

2 I have Put an aftermarket Cat on (never a good idea, even though i sell them) It sounds horrible and i have sufered a lack of power! Honestly never get an aftermarket Cat, its makes a huge diference! Plus keeps turning the engine management light on!

3, Unfortunately I am one of plenty that is male and 21, This means my insurance is Stupid on a 1.8T :(:( Plus a conviction for due car doesnt help! So the point is i Have a 1.6 SE Phase 2 2001. Nice interior lovely to drive! BUT i want to put a 1.8T Lump in there! now apart from the obvious would i need to reinforce anything? I have the ecu and 1.8T engine Lined up!

Any Feedback Appriciated
but putting a 1.8 in a 1.6 would make it a modded car that means limited insurance avaliable and often makes it more money that a genuine 1.8.


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I think this sort of situation is always going to be a difficult one, a lot needs to be done... Better off saving for the real car.....


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Yep i would agree really not worth the hassle with insurance, resale etc etc.

Probably best getting a straight 1.8t car and transferring the stuff you like from your 1.6 and sell that on. Will probably save you loads on the conversion and insurance etc. Or wait till your a bit older.

I personally would never do an engine conversion for these reasons unless it was in my beetle or if i got a splittie but thats different


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Thanks guys, Its not the savin thats the problem they want 3 grand for insurance on a 1.8 turbo :(

I see the logical side is to get 1.8t just cant! Plus all the 1.8turbos at the mo i can find are phase 1. Appriciate your advice. im just guna have to wait for abit of power i think! just do a couple little bits ie wheels (i realy would like some 19" New rs4 alloys) coilovers. keep the exhaust standard maybe a viper for a lil help on the power side, just basicly nice but suttle.

Thanks guys will post pics soon. Also a few wanted parts in the wanted section :):arco::blackrs4:


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3k on a 1.8T..maybe that's the drug dealing putting the price up :p


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lol No Being young an stupid getting convictions put the premiums up

just for the record lol It just looks like a drug dealers car,:busted_cop::undwech::blackrs4: i dont deal drugs!


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Don't know why, but the username reminds me of Pimpmyaudi, anyone of the old hands remember him? lol


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Don't know why, but the username reminds me of Pimpmyaudi, anyone of the old hands remember him? lol

Oh yes...
He was a fool of biblical proportions.