Need a driveshaft.

My son has a 2007 a3 2.0 tdi s line 170bhp bmn engine he needs a new passenger's driveshaft can anybody recomend somewhere please tried tps but got to be a garage looking for a tidy make of driveshaft, we live in south wales gwent any help would be grateful thanks.


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I’d say get a secondhand Genuine one off eBay , there’s usually loads on there as they are shared with the Golf etc.
Don’t bother with a new repro driveshaft ( they’re available for as little as £30-40 on eBay) as they are acknowledged to be trash.
I made the “mistake” of buying a complete GKN exchange driveshaft from Euro Car Parts a while back .
After about a year the outer rubber CV boot perished and a replacement GKN boot wouldn’t fit properly!
I really had expected better as the original factory driveshafts are GKN too...
I ended up fitting a s/h Genuine one and have had no problems since .
The driveshaft usually has a sticker with a part number on it which doesn’t usually wear off or get damaged , so should be fairly easy to find the part number you need....
So sorry for the late reply my son is going to get it done when he get's 5 mins as he has just got a new job and works 6 days a week, helps to pay the bills but no time for anything else thanks again for you help.