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Need a bit of help!

Ayff Jun 25, 2018

  1. Ayff

    Ayff New Member

    Hi, recently I bought a 1995, 2.6 Quattro with an electrical problem;

    The indicators and wipers do not work.
    I thought maybe it would be an easy fix and my first thought was the stalk but I don’t think it’s this anymore as I’ve tried a replacement and nothing.

    The fuse 39 (emergency lights) hazards switch keeps blowing every time I operate the hazards so I thought maybe it was the relay inside the switch?

    I bought a replacement relay and put in another fuse and it blown again?

    I’m kind of stuck and don’t know where to check to be honest - has anyone had anything like this before?

    Thanks in advance for any replies!

    My next steps are to take the both switches to work, try and find a diagram for the relays and make sure they are both working?

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  2. Avatar

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  3. Audib5fan

    Audib5fan 4 rings <3

    If all else fails take it to a garage get to check it out I’m afraid I’m no help

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  4. pilla

    pilla Old ones are the best ones

    Go over the wiring in the wings/indicators and wiper motors etc. Somethings obviously amiss. Try it all with hazard switch removed

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