Need a bit of feedback...


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Ok, I know some of these are reposts... however.

Over the past few weeks I have been experimenting more and more with the camera... starting to feel ready for an upgrade.

Just looking for some feedback guys, I've been trying out a number of different techniques and toys with mixed results.

Everything from HDR...




To close up/depth of field shots...




ND Grad filter...


Photoshop sunsets...



and Fireworks/light effects...






Sorry for the ridiculous amount of pics here... been saving this post up for a bit too long.


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I think it all looks pretty good to me ! My only criticism is your close up shots, I can appreciate your shallow depth of field but i think maybe your focused area is wrong, ie not the centre of the subject, I think the stamen needs to be sharp...think thats what its
I think all the compositions are spot on but i cant really say i am a fan of photo shop on everything.
Off to try that shot for myself to see :)
You say you want to upgrade..What equip are you using at the moment ??
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At the moment I am using the Nikon D60... I like the camera but want somewhat better low light performance and few other features that mine is missing. The lenses I have at the moment are the basic 18-55 that came with the kit, the 55-200, 35mm f/1.8 and the Sigma 10-20 f/3.5. All of the above pics were taken with either the 35mm or the 18-55

I'm waiting at the moment to see whether Nikon will be releasing an update for the D90. Hopefully they will announce something by the end of the summer. Than see if it has any features I must have or just get the D90 when the price drops even more.

As for the depth of field shot, I realized that about the focus... I made the depth of field far to shallow on those pics.

Most of the heavily photoshopped and HDR images were taken in difficult if not damn near impossible conditions for regular photography. Around sunset on a cloudy day after 3 days of rain and the humidity was 100% although it felt like more. I've been fascinated by the almost surreal images you can get with HDR photography ever since I first encountered them so I figured I'd give it a try. Bracketing is one of the options that is curiously missing on the D60...

Thanks for the input.


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Your HDR shots are just epic