Nearly 700 miles range on 40 TDI !!


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After I filled up my 40 TDI Quattro today (always use Shell V Power Diesel) :

I know the range figure is just an approximate value but has anyone seen the displayed range go that high on their 40 TDI? I usually see around 640 miles after filling up and can often do 600+ miles on the tank (regular 63L) in real world.

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My bindle is in km as I'm not in the UK anymore but I regularly see 1100km (683 miles) projected range when I fill up my 40TDI avant (std tank).
I do get 1000km+ on a tank normally, gentle driving round town with the odd longer journey. Given how big and heavy it is I continue to be pretty impressed with the efficiency.


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I regularly see over 700 miles range after refilling and recently following a 400 mile motorway trip saw over 800 miles after refuelling. I am currently averaging around 46mpg based on the cost data entered into the MyAudi app and based on calculating a "lifetime average" of the figures from the trip computer it is 47mpg - surprisingly close. As you say the range is only an estimate and I usually refill when I am below a quarter tank (rarely wait for the warning to go off) and that tends to be after 500-550 miles adding about 50-55 litres each time. I reckon the the 40TDi is about 10% more fuel efficient than the 2.0TDi ultra C7 I had before and that was about 10% better than the 2.0Tdi I had before that.


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I regularly get over 700 miles out of a tank but mine’s not quattro. Had a range of over 800 miles a few times after filling up.


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^^^ Wow that's amazing! Is that on the standard 63L tank or the bigger tank?


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I usually get over 700 miles showing. Long term average is 51mpg since I got the car and is improving. I have noticed the mpg takes a knock in wet weather.