"N8" Nathan kowalski appreciation thread :)


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Jun 6, 2010
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Right lads n lasses .I for one have pestered Nath to death with all kinds of questions on wheels,Tyres , suspension etc etc .Bought and sold with him without a glitch .Hes just sorted one of my Speedlines out without as much as a sweat on his brow LOL ,And all i can say is this Lad is one of the best Lads you could ever wish to meet on here and other places .Nothing is to much for him and he has got time for us all .So thanks Nath i like to think of you as a top mate now .You are a true gent :)
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I dunno I still think hes abit of an oddball, but thats probably down to where he's from ;)
agreed steve , i also pester nath on a weekly basis and as you have already said he is a top bloke . doesnt matter what question you have he always tries and helps , hope to meet him some day , his car isnt bad either lol :wub:
hope that someday N8 can detail my car as i hear he is one of the best at his stuff! always advises spot on when it comes to wheels ( or as he likes to say 'the stance')

hope to meet him soon! (maybe at ADI if i can make it?)
^ LOL!
He seems to put in alot of effort in these threads but i don't like him because i'm jealous of his car :p
he's helped me out with advice as have a few of you above , and as soon as i can show my car in public i look forward to meeting up at a show at some point ,
i took think that n8 is a legend ive had some bits off him like my lovely v-maxx coilios and some lovely air freshners top bloke to be fair , speaking of pestering him about wheels etc.. i need to pm him about some wheels/tyres etc... haha
Expert with wheels that will fit and good at wheel refurbs aswell
he LOVES his cider too. Not only that, but hes a true YORKSHIRE man.
He is my best friend, so everyone back off he's mine!!!!!! lol.... No ****!
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Someone told me he was a short lass from vietnam, personally I think he was infact a short lad from thailand (until the OP)
as a fellow north west member of audi sport. i am sticking up for my breatheran (cant spell) N + 8 = ledgend
So we've figured he's vietnamese, thai, bristolian with a hint of yorkshireman, thats a combo lol
Wow guys, I don't know what to say! Your all great guys :wub: We are a community at the end of the day, we all help each other out, what goes around comes around they say. As my late Nan always said to me.....

"Treat people, how you would like to be treated"

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I'm happy to say N8 is a good friend & thats all that matters.
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Never met him and probably never will, but I've read a lot of what he's written and have a heap of respect for him.

I've also deduced that he's an expert on putting rubber on 18 inches :p
Dunno why I thought he was Welsh???? Perhaps al Nigels sheep jokes. Where in Yorshire? I've relatives in Donnie.
I've only been a member of ASN since earlier in the year, but within only a day or 2 of posting, it became very obvious that Nathan is a veritable mine of priceless information when it comes to modding our cars. He is always happy to help out fellow members with advice and encouragement and as Steve says, nothing seems too much for this guy. He's also got a wicked sense of humour and has had me in kinks numerous times. N8 is a real treasure and I personally would like to thank him for finally helping me understand the principles of wheel size, offset, tyre width and profile, ..it's a bit like the offside rule in footie (which I still don't understand!!!), but now thanks to N8 I am all genned up on rims and rubber. You are a star, Mr K! :wub: xx
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