n249 bypass done and 2.0T coils fitted

As the S3 has been getting it's annual service this week I decided to perform some modifications whilst I was under the bonnet:

- n249 bypassed
- 2.0T coilpacks fitted
- Coilpack adaptors fitted
- New plugs gapped to 0.85

Due to finishing late last night I haven't been out in it yet, but it started on the button and the idle seems super smooth. I'm going to go out in it tonight and do some logging to check everything's ok.

Before you say it, yes I know I'm years behind with these mods, it just takes me a while to get around to these things! :happy:


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Good work Dave, dont worry youre not the only one lagging with certain mods. Where did you get the coils and adaptors from?

I'm fairly sure my technical ability can cope with this mod so I'll add it to the never ending list of things to do! ;)
Cheers Maz, it's good to hear I'm not alone :)

The coils and adaptors came from Awesome GTI and were ~£140 all in. I checked the price of coils with TPS and they were twice as expensive as Awesome.

If you do the mod on yours then be prepared to do the n249 bypass at the same time (if you haven't done it already), as the brackets for the vac reservoir and valve won't fit with the adaptors and new coils.