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Anyone else found that their MyAudi App is now defunct as it "requires IOS 13.1.1 or higher"?

My not particularly old iPhone 6 doesn't get the update (stuck at 12.4.8) and the App insists on updating to the latest version before you can even open it.

Practically speaking, it is now useless - not at all amused !!

Anyone know of any work-arounds?

Cheers folks.

Mr Olympik

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Unfortunately not with an iPhone. Planned obsolescence I’m afraid. I hate to be negative but and iPhone 6 is now considered to be old, it was released in 2015 :(

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I have just finished updating my whole device which took a few hours - iPhone XS.

Did it like you said otherwise you can't open the app. As far as I can tell though, I can't actually see ANY changes to the app whatsoever - maybe just an update to support new version.

Not too sure how to work around this I'm afraid :(