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Facelift MyAudi.com 'Define as owner'

j0hnst0n00 Jan 9, 2019

  1. j0hnst0n00

    j0hnst0n00 Registered User


    I know there has been a lot of talk recently in the Forum around the myaudi.com app/website but…

    What does the ‘Define as owner’ give access to? When you have been defined is it just the online Digital Service Record?

    My ‘Audi partner’ say that until the vehicle has its first service there will no record until the service mechanic uploads the first service record. At that point I guess I will be the Defined owner, even though I will have owned the vehicle for approx 12 months.

    Am I missing out any other Audi online digital services by not being the Defined owner? I can access news/weather/car parking/flights etc on the MMI.

    Car is a 67 plate BE.

    Thanks in advance.

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  3. Ormesome

    Ormesome Registered User

    you're missing out on nothing. Audi are currently (and have been for ages) updating the servers or system so it goes haywire almost weekly! Iv had the "define owner" on there one day, then next its gone, only to see it back the next. Every time its back or goes i see no difference apart from being able to see the service record. You should have the delivery inspection on the record section from day 1. My A3 did and so does my Q2.
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  4. musicegbdf

    musicegbdf Registered User

    What is “define as owner”?
    I have had the app for three and a half years and the service record disappeared about a year ago and never seemed to come back .??
    I am keeping hard copies as my audi just seems to be a marketing exercise and not really there for any help .
    Do not trust them at all , as see this as a way to try to force use of their dealers that are over priced in the first three years . Strange that when the three year warranty expires they are more competitive.
  5. Mikeso51

    Mikeso51 Registered User

    When I first got my 2 year old A3 I signed up for MyAudi and AudiConnect expecting to get lots of useful features. Big disappointment because few of the features advertised by Audi are available on the A3 platform. Like others, I also got the message about “defined user” when I tried to access the Digital Service Record. After various conversations with Audi Customer Service and my local Audi service partner I eventually managed to be set up as Defined User. However according to MyAudi my Digital Service Record has no entries! The first service was carried by the VW main dealer I bought the car from as part of the purchase deal. However, despite salesman assurances they they could enter service details into the Audi system, they subsequently told me that it wasn’t possible after all. Fortunately I have the invoice as proof. I did however expect to see the PreDelivery Inspection in the Digital Service Record, particularly since my local Audi dealer can see it on their system. They also tell me they can see a warranty repair that was carried out. Nothing shows in MyAudi. I keep meaning to pursue this with Audi Customer Services, but more important things have got in the way.
  6. oli356

    oli356 Registered User

    I've emailed a couple of Audi dealerships to get me added/defined. Just keep getting ignored lol....
  7. cuke2u

    cuke2u Well-Known Member

  8. musicegbdf

    musicegbdf Registered User

    Thks cuke ,
    What a farce . Again seems to be a way to lock you to the dealer . Why did they just not transfer me over .
    A good old fashioned service book would be so much easier . Keeping my receipts . If I trade in they will have the detail (?).
    If selling private the on line service record is pretty useless anyway . When I next go to the dealership will see if they will enable it .
    Again Thks

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