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MyAudi app

J10NMM Aug 28, 2019

  1. J10NMM

    J10NMM Active Member

    right then so I downloaded the app, put in my vehicle details (2016 A6 avant) and it said that I needed to call the garage for them to register the car and activate it.

    So I popped into my local garage Stoke Audi and they said unless it's a new vehicle it doesn't work..

    Since then I've read that a few people have older cars and have it.

    So who has it and how old is your car?
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  3. Bishop187

    Bishop187 Active Member

    I have the app linked to MY64 A7. I use it send locations to the satnav. Also once linked it shows your digital service history. So they are lying.

    Went to link it at Audi west london last year when I got the car. They first told me I had to take it Hull, where the car was first brought from new. I told them that wasn’t true and Audi say take it to your local Audi dealer. Spoke to the manager, I said I’m not traveling all the way to Hull and stated that he was full of **** (in a grown up fashion). He then got his laptop and linked it up. Took like 20 seconds on his part and a few hours to show on my app.

    I don’t know why some dealers make things so hard. I know go to Audi Guildford they are so much better.

    A7 3.0tdi 272 Black Edition Mythos Black Tech pack
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  4. -Ju-

    -Ju- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    No issues here either.
    My old 2015 S3 (non connect) paired up and my new 2015 SQ5 (with connect) did too, both bought used.
    Everytime I've sent locations to the car it's been unable to set the address and prompts me to do it manually. I know it's a different platform but have you not had any issues?
  5. Bishop187

    Bishop187 Active Member

    No not had that issue. Only thing that happens is I have to re enter my pin, but only very rarely

    A7 3.0tdi 272 Black Edition Mythos Black Tech pack
  6. AndyT306

    AndyT306 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    it's pretty rubbish, i got mine working and have never used it
  7. CarbonMike

    CarbonMike Active Member

    Downloaded and tried it last night... didnt tell me anything i didnt already know :/

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