MY2016 Audi R8 V10 Plus Coupe Audi Smartphone Interface Activation and More!


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Gonna be making a few R8 related posts over the coming week as I have seen a number of V10 Plus vehicles so far this year, some over for coding and other here with some pretty horrible issues. First up with we have this 2016 V10 Plus Coupe.

This vehicle was sold to the owner as having wireless charging but didn't have it. The dealership paid an external company to retrofit the option and all was well. The customer then requested Audi Smartphone Interface, an option which is not officially available for this car due to its date of manufacture (2015). As they did a pretty good job the owner reached out to the retrofit company for assistance and they took on the job..... and promptly screwed it.... hard! Issues were such that they saw fit to send the media unit to another 3rd party company in Germany who in turn got the unit "kinda" working :(

Fast forward to today and I get my hands on the vehicle here in North London. After an initial check I start reverse engineering all the "works". This vehicles media unit was not only coded incorrectly it had pages of invalid feature licence codes and was running on very very old software! Not a problem for VAG Car Coding and after a couple of hours everything was up and running as per factory, updated to latest software levels and with Audi Smartphone Interface fully working.... and I restored the navigation Satellite Maps View! :)

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You sorted some main dealer **** ups on mine over at Sean's when you did the smart phone activation after the main dealers saying the car was too old to have it done.:sunglasses: